Social media is social marketing it helps you attract attention, build relationships and collect contact information of potential customers and members.

The best ways to make social media pay is to learn what to post and where, how best to say it and develop a system for posting.

1) Attract an audience

Consider what social media networks your audience uses, how they search for things.

Attract audiences by providing interesting and relevant content. Get more people to check out your website by sharing links on social media.

2) Networks

Which are your customers already using. Identifying the primary and two secondary networks and design content to appeal to your specific audience.

3) #

# turn words and phrases into click-able links making searching for content easy for your reader. # are like keywords and SEO for your status updates.

To use put # before the word or phrase. Do not use spaces or special characters.

Make searchable keywords really pay by thinking about the words your potential customer would use if searching for information. Should be used in photo captions, comments, posts and album titles.