We are often asked – what is the point of social media for our association? The committee members fear that it is a waste of time and just another thing on their to do list -one that takes them away from the core remit of the association (not to mention their day job).

Our answer?

1. Inspiration

The beauty of social media is that it is so easy for people to share posts – your posts- if they find them interesting or inspiring. To get the most out of social media and ┬áto really harness its effectiveness for your association think what can you use to capture your audience’s attention and inspire them?

2. Involvement

Move inspiration to involvement – studies show that social media users go beyond liking and sharing and that engagement with associations and causes can prompt involvement such as joining, donation and volunteering – an involvement that goes beyond the virtual world.

3. Connection

Even if someone doesn’t have a direct connection to your association watching friends and family interact with an association through social media can help raise a wider awareness of what your association stands for. Remember social media interaction will appear in the time lines of friends and family and may be just the nudge someone needs to get involved.

4. Awareness

This widening of reach helps a message travel beyond its local community (whether geographical or professional) and reach individuals and businesses all across the world.

Can you tell we are big fans of social media?