Our training sessions

We know that running a charity or association isn’t your full time job but it is a role that needs to be done correctly and within the law. We offer online training courses for the busy committee member and specialise in no fuss, accessible training.

We have over 15 years’ experience of working with committees and can advise and guide you on what you really need to know.

The Busy Committee Members’ Introduction to Online Fundraising

In this workshop we will explain how online fundraising can help your organisation become less dependent on grants, giving you the tools and freedom to raise funds from individuals who care about your cause. This workshop will give you an understanding of how online fundraising can help groups to open up a new channel of funding for their cause and tips for how to fundraise effectively online.


This session will cover:

  • Why you should be fundraising online.
  • The ‘Top Five’ tips for effective online fundraising.
  • Tips for effectively communicating your work.
  • Asking supporters to fundraise for your cause.
The Busy Committee Members’ Introduction to Social Media

This training will focus on how your committee can make the most of the opportunities social media provides.


This session is useful to all groups regardless of how much or how little you know about social media already, and aims to cover specific questions and plans you might have around the topic.


This workshop will cover:

  • What is social media?
  • The main social media platforms.
  • Checklist for fundraising via social media.
  • Which platform is right for you?
  • Learn what and how to share on your social media accounts.


The Busy Committee Members’ Guide to data, databases and data protection

This workshop will help you to understand best practice in data management, data protection regulation and whether your organisation needs to invest in a database (don’t worry we have some very cost effective suggestions for this). We will cover how to record people’s information correctly, store it securely, use it to contact them appropriately, and how to apply the necessary data protection rules and regulations to it.

This session will cover:

  • What personal data is – including data, photos, video, CCTV.
  • What your data obligations are in terms of current data protection rules, and new GDPR changes.
  • Why your organisation needs a supporter database.
  • How to define what system is right for your organisation.
  • How to manage data coming in and out of your organisation.
  • Q&A session and further useful resources.
The Busy Committee Members’ Guide to Developing a Small Charity Fundraising Strategy

This workshop will help you to design a strategy that works for you to grow or diversify your funding. Strategic planning can sound more difficult than it is and this workshop will analyse the options available and the factors that shape your decisions.


This session will cover


What areas to think about when planning your fundraising strategy

  • Which tools are helpful to implement.
  • How to plan for short and long term income generation.
  • Integrating your fundraising activity into your charities’ overall business strategy.


The Busy Committee Members’ Guide to Personal Productivity

We would be rather remiss not to offer this session which shows you how to take back between 2-3 days per person per month by using simple, but effective tools and techniques which can be immediately applied.


Tool used in the workshop include:


SIMPLE techniques to deal with email overload
IMPLEMENTING an e-mail strategy
Parkinson’s Law
HOW TO stay focused and deal with interruptions
HOW TO forecast effectively & set realistic deadlines
EASY ways to prioritise and plan more effectively
HOW TO cope with the pressure of unforeseen changes to your schedule
BUILDING NEW HABITS to improve your Time Management skills daily
HOW TO banish worry and remain calm
MINIMISE meetings & travel time
HOW TO save time in meetings & conference calls
HOW TO remain motivated at the end of a demanding day and feel satisfied with you achievements



Conducted by Skype as either a 1:1 or as part of a mixed group.

1:1 Session* – £100
Group Session – £40 per attendee (minimum of 3 attendees; contact us for the next date)

Conducted by Skype as either a 1:1 or as part of a group.

1:1 Session*: £300
Group: £75 per attendee (minimum of 4 attendees; contact us for the next date)

*Of course there can be more than 1 of you from your particular organisation attending these.


Contact us to book your 1:1 session or for the latest group dates.

Email: info@claromanagement.co.uk
Skype: lucyjane90
Twitter: @claromanagement


Cancellations and Refunds:
If you cancel your place at least 2 full working days before the event takes place then you are entitled to a full refund by request. Refunds for cancellations after this point are given at the discretion of Claro Association Management.