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Congratulations you have a to-do list! Of course having a to-do list is better than nothing but sometimes it is pretty difficult to know exactly where to start. The first trick (and do not add this to the list!) is to work out what should take priority over others – especially when everything feels pretty important.

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received on the topic of helping prioritise your daily tasks is to start with the one you are least looking forward to. Not only does tackling this mean that you get to enjoy a day that gets better as it goes on but actually sometimes the one task you keep putting off is actually the most important. And, of course, the most important tasks should be done first.

Keeping your focus on your Most Important Tasks (M.I.T) rather than just keeping busy will make all the difference to your day. Developing your focus is more important than just keeping busy.

So creating an over-riding focus on your MITs means that you can question yourself with this every time you are not sure what to do next. This could change daily, weekly or annually but it is important that you have one.

If you’re staring a long list of tasks, unsure where to start for the best, ask yourself your ‘focus question’, the answer usually speaks for itself.