A consumer survey in 2013* found that just over 50% of Twitter users were using the platform to tell the world what they were up to at a particular moment in time and were doing so at set intervals throughout the day typically first thing in the morning, lunch, on their commute and when they were just sitting at home in front of their TV.

The challenge for Associations it to think about how you can use this information to join in with relevant conversations – helping spread the word about your association.

3 Twitter Tips for Associations

1. Think about when and where you want to reach people? Do you want to reach them when they are reading or when they are at a particular event? When they are commuting (and reading!)

2. Use the Twitter search function to find relevant conversations and hash tags.

3. Join in by including relevant hash tags in your tweets and replying to conversations that are of interest to your association.

These are three simple tips that your association can easily use Twitter to extend your audience, reach new people and to join in interesting conversations.

*Nielsen Twitter Consumer Survey, November 2013)